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Distracted Driving

Georgia Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Griffin firm pursues substantial compensation for victims

At Evans & Evans Attorneys at Law, P.C. in Griffin, Larry Keith Evans is a Georgia distracted driving accident attorney who advocates for victims of car crashes caused by a motorist who acted carelessly. If you were struck by someone else’s vehicle and believe it might have been because they were distracted by their cell phone or something else, our firm will assess the situation and outline your legal options.

Examples of distracted driving

There are numerous potential distractions that could trigger a vehicle collision. Some of the most common include:

  • Texting and other cell phone use — Studies say that nearly a quarter of all car crashes involve cell phone use.
  • Eating and drinking — Juggling food or drinks could trigger a slip that cases the driver to lose control of their car.
  • Talking to passengers — Animated conversations and unruly children can lead a motorist to forget about the need to drive safely.
  • Dashboard systems — Navigation systems, sophisticated entertainment systems and other dashboard diversions can draw a vehicle operator’s focus from the road.
  • Rideshare equipment — If you were hurt in a rideshare driver accident because the Uber or Lyft driver was looking for their next ride, we can help.

Whatever the particular distraction might have been, our firm presses to secure maximum compensation through a settlement for verdict.

Why distracted driving causes accidents

When a driver isn’t paying attention, their eyes might wander off the road or their hands could come off the steering wheel. A driver who feels confident that they can operate their vehicle while drinking a cup of coffee could trigger a serious crash if a sudden stop causes the hot liquid to spill.

How to prevent distracted driving

There are situations where distractions are unavoidable, such as if a child needs immediate attention. At times like these, drivers should pull over safely to the side of the road rather than trying to multitask. Using a voice-activated hands-free device is legal in Georgia. This reduces the level of distraction, though there might still be situations where a driver is concentrating on their conversation rather than the road. In the event of an emergency where it will be impossible to focus on driving, it might be best to use a rideshare service.

How to prove a distracted driving claim in Georgia

Defendant drivers typically insist that they were not distracted, but we have numerous ways to get to the truth, such as:

  • Footage from traffic and security cameras
  • Witness testimony
  • Activity on social media and cell phone accounts
  • In-car computers and data recorders
  • Physical evidence from the accident scene, including skid marks
  • Receipts from food and beverage purchases

Our experienced Georgia car accident attorney understands how to gather the necessary evidence and use it to construct a compelling legal argument.

Is texting while driving illegal in Georgia?

Georgia law prohibits the use of hand-held devices while driving. This means a motorist cannot text, hold their phone while taking a call or touch their phone’s screen. Penalties start with a $50 fine and one license point, with increased punishments for every subsequent offense. However, many people use their phones behind the wheel without getting caught. Even if the defendant in your case was not ticketed, we will review if cell phone use was a factor in your collision.

Compensation after a distracted driving accident

Victims of distracted driving accidents can recover special damages to reimburse them for the medical expenses, lost income and property losses stemming from the crash. You can also pursue general damages that cover other harm associated with the incident, such as the pain, suffering and emotional trauma you’ve endured.

Contact a Georgia distracted driving accident lawyer for a free consultation

Evans & Evans Attorneys at Law, P.C. represents victims of accidents caused by distracted driving. To schedule a free consultation at our Griffin office, call 770-228-5530 or contact us online.

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